Why small luxury wine tours are our pride:

Our Grape Escape wine tours are small, intimate tours designed to the particular interests of each client and their invited guests.  Our aim is for you to have the very best experience in enjoying Canberra’s cool climate wine region and its boutique award winning wineries … we want you to have a memorable wine tour, for all the right reasons.

So, why don’t we provide wine bus tours?


Why we think size matters:

By keeping the number small we find we can easily plan a flexible luxury wine tour for you, one that’s tailored to your preferences – whether these be specific Cellar Doors that you want to visit, or a favoured wine or grape you wish to savour, or a vintner that you’ve read or heard about that’s led you to wanting to experience his or her end products.  When a couple, or a small group, are undertaking a tasting during their wine tour there is a much greater opportunity for you to engage with the winemaker, asking questions, chatting directly with the vintner or winery owner, gaining intimate knowledge about their grape growing and wine making practices.  The conversation can go to the level you’re seeking, and the anecdotes can become more meaningful and focused.  It’s usual to enjoy a lunch while on a wine tour, and with a small group you can reach consensus on your venue of choice without too much discussion, rather than having to accept what the organiser of large wine bus tours has specified and eat a meal you may not ordinarily order or desire. Go to https://grapeescapescanberra.com.au/murrumbateman/ and https://grapeescapescanberra.com.au/lake-george/ to read about some of the award winning boutique wineries located in Canberra cool climate wine district.

We love that the small groups we plan our luxury wine tours with comprise of like-minded friends or family members, who know each other really well and are genuinely wanting to spend some time together appreciating the same pleasurable experience. There’s no initial awkwardness that’s sometimes experienced when a large group comes together for the first time as they most often do on a wine bus tours, or having to fit in with an itinerary that’s okay … but not exactly what you want. You can also manage the ringtones and the chatter when with good friends or family!


Quality is never an accident:

A small group wine tour raises the bar in terms of quality.  Your vehicle is a luxury sedan, spacious, comfortably seating four, and meticulously clean and maintained to the highest standard. You can decide how long you wish your wine tour takes, whether its half day, five hours, six, eight – whatever is going to give you the time you need to explore our beautiful wine region with its award-winning wines the way you want. Your chauffeur driver offers a bespoke service, contacting you prior to your tour to personally reconfirm, escorting you to the Cellar Doors and introducing you, assisting with any purchases you’ve made, being attentive to your needs … providing you a premium service that we believe is often too difficult to master with a large wine bus tour group. https://grapeescapescanberra.com.au/about-us/


Safety first wine tours, “Yes, we do!”:

Recently the ways in which we meet, socialise, attend events, spend our leisure time have changed somewhat, to say the least.  We are very conscious of the actions required to stay safe and stay healthy.  There’s a resistance to mingling in large groups if we don’t know everyone, we don’t want to be in close proximity to people who aren’t our friends or family.

It’s not unusual for Grape Escapes Wine Tours to receive a call from someone wanting to enjoy our wine region but on the condition that “I only want to do a wine tour with my friends” or “Please tell me you don’t organise a wine bus tour” or “Are the wineries following safe practices?”  All the wineries have been so proactive with minimising risk: bookings essential, no large groups, seated tastings, adherence to good hygiene, sanitised before and after each entry, and our clients find this reassuring.  We also get the asked “Do you and your wine tours implement safe practices?”, and it’s with surety that we can answer “Yes, we do.” knowing that our small group-one car wine tours enable confidence in feeling safe.

Spoil yourself with your very own fabulous wine tour:

So, gather some family members or friends (up to four in a group) and let us coordinate a wine tour for you.  Tell us which wineries you’d like to visit, and what your expectations are – send us an enquiry https://grapeescapescanberra.com.au/contact/ and we’ll plan a Grape Escape wine tour just for you: luxury, bespoke, personalised.  The choice is yours, the coordination is ours … and no wine bus tours, promise!